Leading Fullblood Wagyu & Wagyu Cross producer

Austpec Pastoral is based at Drillham, QLD and operates 5 properties within the western Darling Downs and Roma region producing Fullblood Wagyu and Wagyu Cross cattle for domestic and international markets.

Austpec Pastoral’s history dates back to 1965 when David Raff purchased 4 Angus females and went on to build on of Australia’s and the worlds leading Angus stud programs. In 1990 whilst this Angus operation was being built, the first Wagyu genetics entered Australia, a female Wagyu was the first genetics to enter Australian shores. In 2012 Austpec Pastoral commenced purchasing Wagyu genetics, of which this work has continued in building up one of the leading genetic pools in Australia.

In 2015, Austpec Pastoral acquired the Mundibulanga aggregation and 200 Raff Angus stud females and commenced breeding F1 Wagyu from the Raff females known for their high growth and large frames combined with some of the best Wagyu genetics. This program has involved significant R&D and will continue to be the basis of the Austpec Pastoral Wagyu “breedup program” combining the growth and size elements of the Raff bloodlines with the highest marbling qualities of the Wagyu lines chosen. We will continue to breedup to F2, F3 and Pure bred articles. Austpec Pastoral also continued developing and improving the Fullblood Wagyu herd providing Wagyu Bulls for our own herd, our partners and other breeders in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria under the Wagyu registration “AUS”.